Amira Awaad BIO PIC Amira Awaad is an Egyptian woman with a 7000 year old soul. After travelling the world, she returned to Egypt in 1998 determined to re-discover her homeland and plant her roots.

As a product of international upbringing, Awaad’s writing is inspired by the diverse languages and peoples of the world. They intertwine with her ancient soul and pour out in her ebooks, The Ankhs, Silently Yours, Lucienne, and Living In The Shadows of The Pyramids. In it, Awaad carefully folds a piece of herself, opened for readers to see.

Awaad holds an M.A. in International and Comparative Education and works as an educator and administrator at a private American School in Egypt.

She strives to inspire within students an understanding and appreciation of cultural awareness and tolerance.  Today, Awaad lives as a daughter to two loving parents, a wife to a man she calls “her Prince” and a Mom to a child she fondly describes as “the sunshine of her life”.

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