Amber Anthony is a pen name that represents collaborating authors: Rusty Hough Bader and Nancy Reynolds.

Together they have written several television episodes and feature film scripts.
They write about gorgeous alpha males with tons of charm, who might also be vampires. Their heroines are smart and strong with plenty of heart. Best of all, their stories take readers on a ride that holds their attention from start to finish.

Their first novel with Torrid Books, Blood Rising, is the first of a trilogy, a hot, supernatural vampire romance. Blood Emerald featuring Rick Hiatt debuted in January 2018. Blood Dragon featuring Adam Lachlan will follow in June 2018.

Patrice Hough Bader resides in the Midwest. She pursued study in Dance and Performing Arts before completing her studies in Political Science. After a career in Sales and Marketing she owns a tavern with her husband.

Nancy Reynolds resides in a southwest city. She spent her twenties in New York City as an actress before entering the family business and pursuing a career in health care. For several years she has written for movies and television.

Now, they are turning their love for words into production as romance writers.

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