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Behind the mild mannered, Clark Kent-ish appearance of this guy lies the life of a man whose life was almost destroyed on many occasions.

Having survived physical and emotional abuse and bullying as a child, he went on to surviving chronic depression, alcoholism, drug use, —and eventually overeating. And there are a couple of failed marriages thrown in as well. Oh, yeah, and a nearly fatal illness.

And not just surviving: he went on to found several successful businesses, earn three black belts in karate, travel all over the USA and Europe, learn a couple of foreign languages, learn and be successful in online marketing, and become a real estate investor, among other achievements. And he is a heck of a cook!

He is author of a number of works, waiting in the queue to be published. In his most recent book, The Diet Fallacies, Al describes his struggle with food, how he overcame the addiction, and how he has managed to maintain his weight over the last 35+ years. 

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