Born in Hungary and seeing Star Wars for the first time at the age of 12, he knew immediately he needs to write is own story and take own the world and see it. After finishing his schools he did exactly just that, went to Denmark, then a few years later worked as a waiter on cruise ships. Worked for Disney and Carnival cruises.

Then at the of 30 he wrote his first story a fantasy just for fun then he wrote his real first story a clever sci fi, called Lost Universe. A story about mankind’s origin and what this has to do with gray aliens

Then he decided to break into the Vampire market, and in a few months finished a great vampire story, Nathan Darak the Last Vampire.

For now he continues to write the sequels on Lost Universe and works on a few scripts as well.

Hope you will enjoy his stories.

May the aliens be with you always!!

Author Interview

What question do you wish that someone would ask about your book(s), but nobody has? Write it out here, and then answer it.

What does it take really to write and put together a book?
A yes, the first and most important question. usually everyone sees one thing. the finished book on amazon D It takes time, you have to come up with the story, the hero and villains,
You sound day and evenings, creating the story, then the stress to send it out to agents and publishers. Show it to friends, thinking what they gonna say'? Handle rejections, and keep moving on. As it is easy to judge or critique a book, it has an unbelievable
work behind it. This should be asked sometimes. And we are doing it to entertain you. To take you where you have not been before )

What is your writing process? Do you follow a regular routine or do you have any weird, funny, or unusual habits while writing and what are they?

Yes and no. I usually start with an imagined scene in my head write the story around it. I write notes to myself, but I don't spend days writing in a writing pad developing characters, or building a world ahead. etc. I just write and let my imagination
go ahead. But I always know what will be the out come, the end.

Do you ever suffer from writer’s block? If so, what do you do about it?

There is no writer's block. At least I don't see it that way. it is simply the matter that you creating a new world, cities, palaces, people, cultures and so on. It feels like, as you would need to do the same thing in real life, in a few months time. If it happens take time out. Be with friends, family, read, watch movies, travel if you can. Discover life.

What is the single most important piece of advice for aspiring authors?

Don't give up. Hell and all else will come in your way. Just keep going ahead.

What are your current/future projects?

Much into Lost Universe 3. and working on short stories. One of them actually, made it to become a small film in a festival.

Why did you choose to write in your particular field or genre? If you write more than one, how do you balance them?

I chose sci fi and fantasy, as these areas where you can let your imagination go. I can write two stories at the same time, that is more than enough. One day this the next day that. The break between them give me time to come up with new ideas.

What do you think is the future for independent authors and do you think it will continue to be easy for anyone to be a published author?

I guess the future looks good for both. To be an author on your own or traditional, is always challenging, no matter the way you do it.

Are you traditional or self-published, and what process did you go through to get your book published?

Both were traditional. My vampire story became self published after a while. The process were the same with both, the only things is it takes time. you need to be patient. Specially when you are traditional, you have to deal with the publisher ands times you need take their advice even if you don't like it. They are there for long time, most of the time they know what they are talking about. When you are self published, it is on your own and you need to invest money to bring the book out. and so many fails their book with luck of editing etc. Make sure you get the right people for your project.

Have you ever changed a title, book cover, or even the content of your book after it was published? What was that process like?

When Lost Universe was republished, the cover changed and some changes were made to the content, but not significant. The publisher did it.

What opportunities have being an author presented you with and share those memories? (i.e. travel, friends, events, speaking, etc..)

Connect with other writers, change ideas, get advice from publishers and advertising companies, and least built not last respect of your friends, family.

What are your marketing, advertising, promotion strategies and which one(s) have worked the best for you? If you had to share your most valuable promotion tip, what would that be?

Though questions. Marketing and advertising does the most part for your books. One of the main thing I guess works, is to find the right places to promote your book, and for that you need to look online. Advert companies who does contests for shorts or novels and do Book of the month or year are usually good. Good to check how many followers they have online etc.

If you are a self-published author, which platform do you prefer? (Amazon, Smashwords, Lulu, Author House, or something not mentioned), and why?

Amazon definitely and any platform that has over 100k followers readers, reviewers. the more exposure to a lot of people will generate more interest.

What field or genre would you classify your book(s) and what attracted you to write in that field or genre?

sci fi, fantasy, mystery and supernatural. Star Wars did. After seeing it first time in 1992, I wanted to write from my imagination.

What do you do if inspiration strikes in an inconvenient place like (car, restaurant, bathroom/shower, etc..) and how do you capture that moment before it gets away from you?

I have a good memory. I 'make' a picture of the idea in my mind, like a photo or a film scene. If I get the chance I writer it down.

Do you have a target amount of words/pages for each of your books or do you just know when enough is enough?

I know when is enough. I don't like to write, 600-700 pages long. Too much to remember and on the sequel or more books, you have to come up with loads of ideas, scenes. but some writers are good with that. In a fantasy it definitely works.

How do you think you have evolved as a person/author because of your writing and do you believe your writing has helped others, how/why?

I hope I helped others. As I write and read more, I can feel the change in myself, as I notice that I get better writing actions and dialogs, so yes I have evolved to be a better writer.

How much influence do you believe a title, cover, content, page numbers have in purchasing decisions of potential buyers/readers?

The title and cover are the first things readers see, so it have to be good and attractive. If it is a long book like 600 pages I'd prefer the chapters are shorter.

Do you believe there is value in a Press Release, have you used any press release service, and what have your experiences been?

Yes there is. My first book release was good got an exposure in a local news paper.

Do you believe there is value in a review? Do you believe they are under rated, over rated, or don’t matter at all?

Reviews are very important. People read them like they watch the news, and sadly or fortunately it plays part in buying the book.

What are your thoughts on authors doing review swaps, paying for reviews, or reviews that just don’t seem right for the book?

Well, could work, if it is honest.

Do you believe there are competitors or general readers out to sabotage authors with bad reviews and what are your experiences with this?

Yes there are. Some people just can't get enough of Harry Potter to Twilight type of books, (or even publishers) and if you don't write as they imagine your book will be they will try to crush you or bad review you, just because there was no magical high school in your book.

Have you ever had an interesting, funny, or even bad experience during a live interview, reading, event, or autograph session?

Not yet. My first autograph session was nice, people were interested checked the book or bought them.

With self publishing being so easy these days, do you believe there is an over abundance of books out there and how do you sort through all the hype or copycats?

Have your cover good an attractive. AND BE UNIQUE!! DON'T WRITE A NEW TWILIGHT PLS! that is why many, specially, newcomer writers fail. If you think that your book will be the new bestseller vampire/werewolf just because you added a group of witch to it, so it won't look like Vampire diaries, may not work. But good luck with it.

What is your biggest fear about having a book published?

How will it be received. But I think most writers go through this.

If you have multiple books published what do you feel is your greatest work, why?

Possibly the one you put the most effort in.

What is the intended audience for you book?

from YA to around 60

Give us a fun fact about your book(s)?

Lost Universe is about the grey aliens. They are actually good.
Nathan Darak, the last vampire. what happens when God has interest in a vampire and why?

If you had the chance to get one message out there to reach readers all over the world, what would that message be?

Give a chance to all new writers, don't get 'glued' to just one type. there is a lot of good stories.

Do you find it easier to connect with your readers with the advances in technology we have today like social media? What platform do you prefer, and why?

Yes. Today communication and sharing is in a second. Amazon, FB, Twitter and a few more are great help to get out there and be seen.

What makes a good story, why?

Fresh ideas. dialogs and action that will leave the reader want more right away.

How important are names to you in your books? Do you choose the names based on liking the way it sounds or the meaning? Do you have any name choosing resources you recommend?

It has to sound cool, strong and possibly describe the character. Sometimes I look up names, surnames and mix them to look unique.

Do you read your reviews? Do you respond to them, good or bad? Do you have any advice on how to deal with the bad?

I do read them. I try not to respond, as everyone has the right to their opinion. Bad reviews are bad, you can not please everyone, so just swallow the anger in case and continue writing.

What are some events you have attended or participated in that has been a positive experience/influence on/for your writing?

I have not had the chance to attend yet. I was busy to get my books amount there, but soon.

What is the easiest/hardest scene for you to write, why? (Love, action, fight, death, racy, controversial, etc…)

Possibly fights. you have to keep up in a big battle who is who, what they doing, why

What would you like to write about that you have never written about before?

Murder investigation/legal drama.

Have you ever had a book idea or characters come to you in a dream? What did you do about it afterwards?

Not that I can remember. )

Do you have any characters you would like to introduce in other books or a combination of characters from multiple books you would like to write about in one book?

One of main Character, a grey female, who is leading the galaxy, I could write a book on her.

Were your characters based off real life people/events or did you make it all up?

I made them all up, but gained experiences form similar movies and books of how things are done.

What are the most important elements of good writing? According to you, what tools are must-haves for writers?

Imagination. Uniqeness. Willing to read from other writers. Loads of pen and papers. And all the fav books on your bookshelf.

What book(s), author(s), or significant life event(s) have had a positive or negative influence in your life that inspired you to begin writing?

Terry Goodkind the most influential, with his Sword of the truth series. The guy is a genius in everything he writes. Almost impossible to put down. Isaac Asimov. His Foundation series are purely mind blowing.

What are your thoughts about eBooks vs. print books?

I prefer prints. the smell, the aesthetics of the cover. I just love to have them on my shelf and touch them.

Do you view writing as a career, labor of love, hobby, creative outlet, therapy, or something else?

For me it is a career.

Were there any challenges (research, literary, psychological, or logistical) in bringing your book to life?

Not really. I know what I am going for.

Do you proofread/edit your own books or do you send them off to an editor? If you send them off to an editor, who/what have you had the best experience with?

I send them to an editor. I got no time really to do that, but after I done writing I go over it one more time and correct anything I see that does not fit or or I think it needs changing. It is a must for writers.

What are the advantages/disadvantages of self or traditional publishing?

It may seem sometimes as a vicious cycle. If you have a publisher you have to share. If you self publish you need to come up with the money. Mainly the same thing.

Do you have a subject/genre you would never write about, why?

Horror. I like to watch them, (more the scary ones) not the ones all about blood and cutting off body parts- but I don't want to write them. I need calm nights. D

What motivates you to write and where does your inspiration come from?

Somehow I am 'gifted' with a universe of imagination. My motivation is that I want to entertain because I can and want to tell stories.

What makes your book stand out from the crowd?

That it is new, fresh and unique. I don't try to 'copy' anyone.

Do you design your own cover? If not who does, why?

I did not. the publisher did it. Although I had my ideas, but at the end their solution was much better.

What is your most/least favorite part of the writing process, why?

Foe me there was not. In every chapter you can create something new and I enjoyed it.

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