We conducted several interviews with some amazing New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon Bestselling authors. Click on an interview link to gain valuable knowledge and experience from that author’s perspective.   If you would like to conduct a Featured Author Interview with us and have it promoted, please look at our Featured Author Interview options below.

Featured Author Interview Packages

30 Days – $10
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A great way to gain visibility is to tell your story. We have designed 50 specific interview questions that showcase your story, your struggles, your victories, and the path you took that will motivate and inspire readers, new authors, veteran authors, and those wanting to become authors. A Featured Author Interview will give you the opportunity to provide valuable knowledge, experience, and insight that may inspire someone to take the same path you have to becoming a published author. Purchase a Featured Author Interview Package today to get your story, your books, and more the visibility it deserves.

Here’s what you will get:

– The opportunity to answer a questionnaire with 50 essential questions that are designed to motivate, inspire, and educate its readers on your journey from initial idea to published author.

– Custom designed interview page that will consist of your author’s bio, author’s photo, your interview answers, links to your books, links to your website, and links to your social media.

– Featured Author Interview that will be featured on our site for either 30, 60, or 90 days depending on the package you purchase that will get your interview listed on EVERY sidebar page within our site and a lifetime listing on our Author Interview Archive page.

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*NOTE* It is absolutely necessary to put a valid e-mail address that you will check in the box below so we may contact you after purchase in order to follow up and facilitate the interview process

Leslie Kain

Irene Edwards

Mark Edward Langley

Keith Brandon

Mary Anne Edwards

Lana Lindemann

Grimly Darkwood

Katie Marshall

Cynthia Roberts

Bella Rayne

Dana Wayne

Sheri S. Levy

Cheryl Carpinello

Thomas Hay

Kelly Marshall

Brita Addams

Carleton Chinner

Shoba Sadler

B. Roman

Antoinette J. Houston

Susan Ann Wall

Thomas Fenske

Michael Embry

Hywela Lyn

Erik Therme

S.K. Derban

M.L. Williams

Kaelia Stevens

Tolar Miles

Robert Saltzman

Claude Nougat

Charmaine Pauls

Elizabeth Horton-Newton

Glyn Smith-Wild

Mary Ann Barrucco

S.B.K. Burns

Jennifer Theriot

Peggy McAloon

Stefan Vucak

Cheryl Matthynssens

Roseanne Dowell

JM Stewart

Carlos Aranda

L.R. Claude

Michael Bailey

Augustine Tagaste

Ann Herrick

Jeffrey Aaron Miller

Julia Underwood

Ian Johnstone

Ann Streetman

Richard B. Knight

David J. Cooper

J.C. Allen

Emily Hill

Winona Rasheed

David E. Shaolian

Vanessa Finaughty

Lillian Csernica

Kelly Cozzone

M.L. Hamilton

Rochelle Carlton

Melvina Gray

Dan McNeil

Jim West

Scott Prussing

Mandy Crider

Sarah Robinson

Nancy Janes

N.E. Brown

Julius Bailey

Gerald Darnell